Team of Technology Enthusiast mixed with Experience and High Energy Individuals
Experts in Artificial Intelligence & IoT

Our Vision & Mission

To build future of Mobility Safer, Smarter & Simpler.

Reduce the road fatalities by making driving safer and smarter to help businesses reduce losses.

Your Safety our concern

Making a fleet smarter and safer is one of the critical aspect for operating vehicles fleet successfully. We at drivebuddyAI, taking driving safety on a very serious note, working towards making every vehicle smart and safe on the road. Capturing each moment of the driving, analyzing it for a better and better driving reduces the cost of operating the large fleet by providing useful insights, detailed reporting to evaluate driving with minute insights.

We help you make your fleet smarter and safer.

We design a system, which is the learning from the experience of the drivers and fleet managers to have a maximum advantage with minimum investment.